Personal Empowerment Thoughts….

The following are some key concepts found in my book Turning Trials Into Triumphs–The Way of the Phoenix

One thing in life is certain–Change. Often just when we feel we finally “have things under control” life shows us that we really don’t. In fact, the only thing we really can control in life is ourselves. We can learn to control our thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions in ways that are more beneficial and personally empowering.

One of the “Timeless Truths” (found in my book) that I have learned is this:

  •  There seems to be a correlation between the magnitude of your problems and your potential for greatness! A simple fact of life is we are here to learn, grow and be tested.

When we have changes in our lives that can often feel like they’re thrust upon us and unfair, we can take a mental assessment and ask ourselves:

  •  What is this situation trying to teach me?
  •  Is there an opportunity for growth?
  •  Will this new circumstance help me to finish “ unfinished business” within me?

If we always look for the benefit, however small, and the lesson to be learned in each situation, we can make nearly any situation or circumstance better for us.

I like the affirmations “All things work together for my GOOD.” I often use “I believe in the best possible outcome of every situation.” See how much more empowered you feel when you start incorporating some of these concepts. When you start changing your thoughts and perceptions into positive possibility thinking you are beginning to live—the Way of the Phoenix.

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