Never make someone else pay…. for what they didn’t do!

Never make your new partner pay for your ex's negative behavior

Never make your new partner pay for your ex’s negative behavior

Too often when we enter a new relationship, we still have our guard held high. We watch for signs that they are going to do the same thing our ex did. We protect our hearts and defend our thoughts and interpret their actions based on what someone else did to hurt us. We don’t open ourselves up to experience something new. Try instead to explore the relationship with an open perspective, less guarding, and eyes of wonder.

When you find yourself anticipating or expecting the other person to behave in hurtful ways, you are more likely to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Expect that you learned the lesson from the previous relationship and you are now ready to receive more of what you want.

Don’t enter with the attitude that we will change the other person, simply observe to understand and appreciate the other person. Allow yourself to expect and receive better than you had before. Trust them, but verify their behavior. Watch and see if their words align with their behavior.

Let yourself be vulnerable enough to receive the love and caring you deserve. If the new partner does actually behave in negative or hurtful ways, it may be worthwhile to examine what attracted you to them. Maybe we still have lessons to learn about ourselves. Never stay in a toxic relationship.

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