Allow Miracles To Manifest….

Do Miracles Really Happen?  Make Room For Miracles to Manifest Then Prepare To Be Amazed!

Leave yourself open to daily miracles and you will be astounded at what materializes in your life. We often block the good that could come our way by hanging onto old wounds, grudges, or simply not believing that amazing and miraculous things are possible for us. What looks like your greatest problem today may be solved by miraculous circumstances that come to you by being open to receiving them.

Begin to clear out all the things that may be blocking you from receiving. Imagine the negative debris of unpleasant events, negative feelings and difficult relationships drifting out of your mind, body and consciousness. Let it all go and forgive everything and everyone. Realize that everything happens for a reason and there is always a way around your difficulties to get to the right destination.

After Your Biggest Breakdowns Come Your Biggest Breakthroughs-Therefore, All Things Work Together for Good!

Open yourself to all good things coming your way and begin to let it happen. Give thanks for all the good things you already have and realize even the worst events and circumstances hold some good– if you look for the valuable lesson in it.


Looking back at my own life I can recount several miracles that occurred from terrible circumstances that seemed impossible at the time, yet a way was made through miraculous circumstances!  Some of these include: Intervention when someone was threatening to kill me, having a baby after 7 miscarriages, and overcoming what the medical profession deemed a “terminal illness”.

Rainbow in field of flowers. Allow Miracles In Your Life

Allow Miracles Manifest–Look For The Rainbow After The Storm Of Adversity

Manifest miracles and give thanks to The Source-God.–Phoenix Alexander

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