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My name is Phoenix and I send you a warm welcome to my website. I am an author, public speaker, transformation expert.  This blend of skills and interests gives me a wide base of knowledge to help you get the most out of your life.  On my site you will find many insights into overcoming adversity, living your dreams and achieving optimal health in body and mind.

Check out the products page with some state of the art tools for maximizing brain efficiency by choosing your brainwave state, and many other novel approaches to wellness.

You will also find my book Turning Trials Into Triumphs-The Way of the Phoenix which is an E-Book and immediately downloadable as a PDF format. Use it on your computer or any other digital device that reads pdf format documents.

I will be conducting webinars soon on the topics found in the Public Speaking Topics. Other sizzling topics will be discussed on this blog. So keep checking back for the latest information on your favorite topics.

Watch for the shopping cart, which will be added soon!




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