Make a list of what you most want in life!

The Possibility List:

I have studied personal development practices for years. One of the concepts is “the list”. Make a list of what you most want and continue to read it to yourself often. Reading it out loud will drive it into your subconscious mind more effectively. I know this works!

I had a list I made around 4 years ago while I was deep into a very difficult relationship. I knew that there were qualities that I needed in a partner to truly thrive and be happy, but I had NEVER experienced them .(Although each relationship was an improvement on the last). I carefully weighed out what kind of man would be the most supportive of the strong, determined woman that I am, and who would have the self-esteem to allow me to grow, and to grow with me. I needed a list to give my mind a concept of something I had never experienced before.

I compiled 37 characteristics/attributes that were very important to me. They did not include how much money he made, or that I wanted him to take care of me, or even that he had to be eye candy– rather I wanted qualities that would allow us to be truly happy together.

When I met the man that matched my list, I knew almost immediately that I had finally found him. It’s exhilarating. He has become eye candy to me because of how he treats me.

I read him my list recently. Out of 37 things on my “Dream Guy List”, he is very strong in 33 of them!!!! Man he’s good. Ironically, he said if he had known about my list he would not have taken me on a second date. LOL.

Here’s my point, it doesn’t matter if you have never had whatever you want before. If you keep your mind focused on the target, and you have a clear picture of what you want–“your list”, you can attract what you want, AND you will know when you hit the target.

Purposefully Design Your Life With A List

Purposefully Design Your Life With A List

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