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1. How Can I Get Real Answers To My Toughest Problems? Answer: Learn to Listen to Your Inner Voice of Wisdom: Problem Solving Through Inspired Intuition 

Listen To Your Intuition: An article to help you explore how to tune into your best source for answers–your own intuition!

2. How Do I Deal With The Fact That Life Isn’t Fair? Answer: By Creating Stability in Turbulent Times

Creating Stability In Turbulent Times: Creative problem solving immediate techniques you can implement when facing ALARMING or very stressful situations. (It might save your life!)

3. Is a Formal Education or Specialized Knowledge More Valuable? Answer: Most of Your Problems will be solved by learning specialized knowledge rather than a broad formal education.

Make This Your Best Year Yet By Acquiring Specialized Knowledge

An article outlining the value of honing in on a particular area of focus to problem solve and achieve your objectives.

4. Do Miracles Really Happen?  Answer: Make Room For Miracles to Manifest Then Prepare To Be Amazed!

Allow Miracles To Manifest: Phoenix Alexander shares some of the Miracles in her life.

  • How do you make room for your miracles?

  • Can you expect miracles to solve your problems?

  • What are the miracles in your life?

      Articles to Transform Anger:

      5. Is Anger Destructive, Constructive, or Instructive? Debunking Common Myths About Anger:

      How to deal with “Anger Problems”: Learn How Anger Can Actually Help You! 

      Phoenix shares some practical, real life examples of helpful anger:

      • How to use anger constructively and instructively.
      • Learn new anger problem solving skills with insights, and affirmations
      • And aromatherapy for anger (releasing anger).

        6. Yes These 3 Simple Steps to Transform Anger Helped Me Have Happier Relationships, Better Health, and Less Conflict And They Will Work For YOU Too! Anger Problem Solving Made Easy

        This article will give you some helpful ideas and actions steps you can take right now to use your anger to your advantage! (You do want to be healthier, and happier right?)

        Learn how to deliver an effective confrontational message vital to the your health and the happiness and effectiveness of your relationships!

        7. Articles to Refine Your Personal Empowerment

        The Most Powerful People In The World….Are Those Who Choose To Control Themselves!

        In this article you will find concepts explained about what true power really means and how to develop it yourself. Click the link here

        8. I Survived Father’s Day!

        Tips on overcoming the difficult events and experiences of your life. See an example of a happy list, and other mood-shifting ideas. Also a shout-out to those Father’s and Father Figures who are living lives on honor. Click the link here


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