Creating Stability In Turbulent Times

Creating Stability in Turbulent Times

We have all heard the phrase, “Life isn’t fair.” What no one ever told me is, “How do I deal with that?”

Phoenix Alexander has some experience with adversity! As a young woman and mother of two young children her health collapsed. All available medical care was sought to no avail. The medical specialists all concluded that the existing treatments for her condition were not adequate and the chances of her surviving the next few months were highly unlikely. She was advised to go home and prepare to die. That was 19 years ago!

Through sheer tenacity and the development of advanced coping skills and other tools, she not only overcame the illness that threatened to claim her life, but she went on to author a book.

In her recently published book, Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of The Phoenix—A Guide To Personal Empowerment Through Coping Strategies And Life Skills, she shares many of the coping skills it took to triumph over a lifetime of severe adversity. The health crisis was only one of many extreme challenges she has faced.

Believing that we all have adversity we must successfully rise above, she has developed a love for sharing her coping skills with others, facing difficulties. Being able to help someone else overcome their own seemingly insurmountable challenges or just helping others to reach their full potential has become her passion.

Phoenix explains,

“When my marriage failed, my health failed, and all of my family moved from the state where I lived, I felt I was left with only my determination to live. I ached to live and see my children grow up. I had to take a close look at my life. What was really left, I wondered? I had a lot of time to ponder my predicament. I was completely bed-ridden fighting for my life against an illness that kept me too close to death’s door. I realized that the most important thing for me to learn was new ways of actually LIVING. It seemed impossible at times and I often felt completely overwhelmed, but I wanted to live for my children, and then for myself. I began more earnestly praying, meditating and searching for answers. I read many books to inspire and encourage me. Most of all I learned how to trust my own intuition to guide me to the resources that would help me heal.

I had to completely ‘Transform Myself’ and begin living the way of the Phoenix! I started with how I thought, and interpreted the events and circumstances in my life. I learned how to re-frame them and look at them in more empowering ways. As I was lead to resources for releasing trauma from my body (with bodywork) I began to recover from the effects of prolonged trauma. I had to learn how to set effective boundaries, leave toxic relationships, gain a sense of my self-worth, and most importantly how to trust my own instincts, intuition, and guidance. Gradually, I found other innovative ways to heal my body– both with my mind and healthful supplements. All of these resources and many more are found in my book.

Now, I am embracing, and living life to its fullest. I will soon be a grandmother. I not only lived, I turned my trials into triumphs. And so can you. I feel my life purpose is to share what I’ve learned with others. In this way, everything I have experienced truly has worked for my good!

So what can YOU do to transform yourself? Today the kind of challenges we face can seem insurmountable. We are caregivers, nurturers, parents, lovers, spouses, and workers. There are so many roles we must play and things we must juggle daily, just to keep things going. If we could internalize this one key truth, it would help us to rise above all we face in life that challenges us. That “Timeless Truth” is this—All things eventually work together for your good!” If you can believe this, act on it, and trust that regardless of what happens, you will gain some benefit from each life experience, you can relax and proceed.”

What kind of challenges do we face? Many women these days are fearful or concerned about the end of the world, the end of their job, or the end of their relationships. It often turns out that these things can’t really be predicted. We have so many pressures and demands on us, and everywhere we turn there seems to be a sense of foreboding or doom. So how do we prepare ourselves to have stability in turbulent times?

Perhaps the most vital skill we will ever develop is the ability to create a sense of direction and stability when the world around us is swirling in tumult. Many of us have had the experience of feeling ambushed by an event in our life we were completely unprepared for, and find ourselves reeling in confusion about what to do. I would like to share some techniques that can help you create stability, no matter what is happening in your life.

In my book I has included all of the treasures of knowledge I learned that will assist YOU in overcoming your difficulties. These are not the same old recycled ideas you’ve heard before. I have compiled an eclectic blend of all the resources I used to Turn MY Trials into Triumphs. These are universal principles, and specific skills that will be applicable to the problems you face– however large they are. Examples include learning how to maximize your brain potential, how to interpret things in a more empowering way, and how to develop your intuition to get more personal guidance.


“This moving insightful book gives you the ideas and inspiration to overcome adversity in any area of your life.”

~Brian Tracy- International Best Selling Author of The Way to Wealth, on Phoenix’s book Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of The Phoenix.


I learned effective ways of addressing the body and mind, which have proven very helpful in overcoming longstanding stressful situations.

Here are a few quick techniques ideas you can implement immediately when facing ALARMING or very stressful situations. The Four “B’s found below will help:

Breathe– Deep diaphragmatic breathing helps to calm the nervous system, provide oxygen to the brain, and provide a focal point, allowing you time to gather your thoughts.

BarrierCreate a space or shield for yourself. Remove yourself from emotionally charged or toxic people and environments. You may first need to use your words. Do this by setting a boundary with someone who is creating the alarming circumstance. Or, create a protective barrier by running the pathway of your central meridian. This is a subtle energetic way to create a layer of protection. To do so, take your fingertip and begin at the bones in the center of your hips and run your fingertip directly up the center of the body to the lower lip. Run this pathway several times. You may feel an immediate sense of clarity and calmness. Additionally, there are excellent visualization tools that can help you create appropriate barriers in your mind which will cause your brain to provide better solutions to the problem. The barrier gives you space to begin effective problem solving.

Belief-Part of problem solving is your belief about the circumstances, which is based on your experiences and value system. If you believe what you are going through is hopeless, and that you are helpless, you will respond in disempowering ways. This will keep you stuck. It may even be dangerous to you emotionally and physically. If you are in a life-threatening situation the first priority is escape. If you are in a chronically stressful circumstance the priority is the same. Assess your options for the quickest, most effective way to get yourself out of the situation. Evaluate if your belief about the situation could be incorrect, and explore new ways of thinking about it. Could there be any conceivable benefit to this situation? It this circumstance trying to prod me into going a different direction? What is the lesson to be learned here?

Belly Laugh– there is a difference between a chuckle of amusement, and a deep belly laugh that gets everything jiggling at once. Find the things that make you laugh out loud, and read them or view them often.”

Tote Yamada says it best, “ The less you laugh, the less you live.”


Live, Love, Laugh

Live, Love, Laugh


Here are just a few of the “Timeless Truths” that are expounded upon in Phoenix’s book:

  •  Each of us has life experiences that give us exactly the right opportunities for our highest growth.

  •  All experiences can work together for our good! It doesn’t matter so much what happens to you—what matters is how you respond to adversity. If you haven’t found the good in the experience, it isn’t over yet!

  •  There seems to be a direct correlation between the magnitude of your problems and your potential for greatness! A simple fact of life is this—We are here to be tested and to learn.

Now you have a few more tools to create a sense of direction and stability when the world around you has just taken a perceived turn for the worst. You can learn more buy reading Phoenix’s book, Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of The Phoenix—A Guide To Personal Empowerment Through Coping Strategies And Life Skills. She is also available as your next motivational speaker. Phoenix is a Personal Empowerment Guide and is available for personal consultation.

“You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.” –Jim Rohn

Overcoming a Fear of Fish (Stingrays Particularly!)

Overcoming a Fear of Fish (Stingrays Particularly!)

This year, instead of being tossed about on the winds of change– create your own stability– regardless of the circumstances you face, and reach your full potential.

Cover Art by Jazmyn Stewart

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