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Let Me Help You Solve Your Toughest Problems

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I Help People To:

Overcome Difficulties and Adversity to Turn Your Trials Into Triumphs  

  • Develop Mental Toughness and Critical Thinking
  • Identify and Overcome Roadblocks to Success
  • Design and Implement Their Ideal Life
  • Create Lasting Transformation Through New Life Skills
  • Recruit Your Whole Brain in Problem Solving and Life

I’m especially invested in empowering people to get the most out of their lives!

I am a Problem Solving Consultant to both businesses and individuals. 


How To Maximize Your Experience:


    • I invite you to explore the resources including free articles on my website and buy my book to truly get the most helpful information I have to share.

    •  As a Professional Keynote Speaker I can customize content to match your needs for your next event.

    • I Can Also Help You To Raise Money For Your Next Fundraising Event.

You can see the Most Requested Topics here.

Perhaps the best option is working with me as your Personal Transformation Coach.

I can share powerful problem solving ideas to overcome adversity and limitations, develop mental toughness, and begin transforming your life into one you have purposefully designed.


Announcing the 2nd Edition of my Book published Jan 17 2020.

I have added more material that is especially applicable to current social issues such as overcoming personal assault, #MeToo movement, and setting effective boundaries.

My New 2nd Edition book.


Announcing my second book specifically for hardcore trauma, stress and adversity.

This book contains help like how to practice Qigong, controlling your thoughts and emotions, setting effective boundaries, mindfulness and staying present- instead of lost in a flashback, and other proven healing practices. 




  This is my Personal Development Show Called:

“The Way Of The Phoenix” Episode – “Trust The Journey”


Here Is My YouTube Channel–Subscribe! 


Click Here To See Some of the Topics I Cover In My Speeches


Empowerment Resources:  (Articles for Transformation)

On this website you’ll find a wealth of information on overcoming adversity, creating happiness and fulfillment and many other unusual tools and techniques to help you make your brain work more efficiently. This can help you achieve what you truly desire.

I welcome your feedback.  If you have topics of interest you’d like me to expound on, let me know.

For Information About How to Hire Phoenix

Contact: 253-332-9004

Email me at: mynameisphoenix2@gmail.com 

For your Free Gift email me at the above address and I will send you a copy of: Emotional First Aid with Acupressure

Phoenix Kisses A Stingray, Achieve Your Goals, Dream Big


On a Dream Vacation to the Caribbean


I Have A 7 Hour Seminar To Give You The Most Innovative Information I Know.

Listen to This Audio Testimonial About My Seminar Called Transform Yourself – The Way Of The Phoenix”



You can see the Most Requested  Speaking Topics here.

Great People Often Have to Overcome Enormous Difficulties


The Greater Your Problems The More You Have To Be Strong

“The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.”  –Horace Bushnell


Trust Your Journey To Be Guided



Live Your Dreams


Live Your Dreams



Professional Speaking Fees:

Top 10 Reasons To Hire Phoenix As Your Next Inspirational/Motivational Speaker


Contact me at: mynameisphoenix2@yahoo.com

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