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I have a special desire to help others solve problems and transform their lives.

Below you will find some of the most helpful ways that I have helped myself and others heal their Minds and Bodies:

So many people carry burdens of pain and shame that are resistant to every type of counseling and treatment. This can create physical illness in the body as well as emotional suffering. I have discovered bodywork including Acupressure that has amazing healing power in overcoming trauma.

The very best self-help tools for healing I ever used…..

Are Light-Sound machines and Acupressure for emotional healing. You will find many state of the art tools I use for healing and wellness on the Products Page.

Man Using Light Sound Machine for Best Brain Functiong

Best Mind Body Healing Tools Include Light Sound Machines

Somatic Memory And Healing from Trauma 


(There is more information found in the chapter on Healing Bodywork -(page 90 of Turning Trials Into Triumphs

I was introduced to the concept of “somatic memory“. I learned that experiences that happen when we are severely stressed or traumatized remain locked in our bodies and minds. They remain there waiting for further resolution exactly intact as you first experienced them. I learned and began to use bodywork techniques to unlock the cellular memories of trauma from my own body and to assist others in doing so. This was life-altering healing!

Application: We can use positive thinking to get out of a situation, but if it persists despite all our goals, affirmations, and positive thinking, re-evaluate the situation. Ask yourself, “Is there another purpose for what I’m experiencing? Have I set the right goals? Are my objectives honorable and do my actions benefit others?”

Some of our experiences are for the learning and benefit of others, not just the result of our negative thoughts. Sometimes we remain in a situation until we have learned the lesson of that situation. Sometimes we are a link to others—their lives are changed because you shared the process of your learning with them. Not every situation is under our control!

Sometimes we are a prop in someone else’s play. The principle of personal agency and accountability affords each person the ability to make bad and sometimes evil choices. Sometimes those choices have devastating consequences to you, through no fault of your own.

Sometimes we are the only person who could help another through a problem of their own because of invaluable experience gained in overcoming a trial of our own.

Application: Re-define yourself: The most important thing to remember is that whatever your experiences have been up until now, you can re-program and systematically change anything and everything you want to with consistent, determined effort, goals, positive affirmations, and visualizations. Specialized bodywork (meaning a specific kind of massage designed to release trauma from the body) can assist to release trauma or unconscious sabotage mechanisms you may have experienced in the past. This is a system that works! I am a living example of how successful this method is.

Traumatic Somatic Memories:

Excerpt from Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of the Phoenix

Chapter on Healing Bodywork… (page 125)

Jenny’s Story-

-“Because of the damage to my body and my quest to conquer abuse—to fully reclaim my mind and body—I was led to bodywork to release the trauma. I have greatly benefited from bodywork designed to release trauma locked in the body. When I receive bodywork/massage in a safe, protected environment the terrifying experiences are often relived in dramatic, full detail as if they were still happening, but the beauty is they are then finally released!

As I acknowledge the experiences, and re-frame them by examining them and then reassuring myself that they are not happening anymore, I can resolve the trauma, reclaim my body and triumph over abuse. It has been a long journey that continues. I am amazed at my body’s resilience and my own indomitable will as I recover from these experiences.

These early experiences shaped my choices and my experiences as I attracted many more abusive people and traumatic experiences into my life. It has been a huge struggle to change these patterns and begin to attract and participate in healthy interactions with people. A huge part of my success has been because of my participation in Martial Arts. I can now use my body in ways that sets very clear boundaries for anyone with malevolent intent. It is tremendously empowering to know that I get to choose what happens to my body now (at least in most situations).”

“Bodywork to release trauma has been the single most helpful factor in my healing process.”– Jenny

The most exciting news is that cellular memories can be resolved and the trauma is finally over!

If you have had good experiences with a caring psychotherapist or counselor, I’m very happy for you–stay with it. Very likely, this type of bodywork is something your counselor has heard of and would be supportive of you receiving it. It can be a powerful adjunct to the work you do in counseling.

If you haven’t been able to fully resolve your difficult life experiences through counseling here is my explanation for why this happens. Some of us have elaborate sabotage mechanisms built into (or intentionally placed) in our subconscious mind. No matter how willing our conscious mind is to overcome and heal, the subconscious mind is acting out another agenda. This can make traditional counseling alone ineffective. We want to get over something and try to talk it out, but in our gut or body, it’s really never over. Our bodies keep reminding us of the experience through pain and dysfunction, fear or anxiety and even illness.

“I believe the reason talk therapy by itself is often ineffective is that we cannot isolate an experience and break it down into the components that allow full resolution by left brain, logical, discussion of the trauma”.– Phoenix Alexander

Sometimes the trauma is so great that the memory is not accessible to our conscious mind, much less our speech. Sometimes the trauma happened before we could talk and although we were pre-verbal, the terror is still there but you cannot give it a voice since you had no words with which to understand the experience.

Our entire bodies are sensory organs and participated in these events. It’s impossible to fully express the intensity of some experiences through speech alone. It does not resolve the trauma. It requires the full participation of our being. Fully participating means accessing the body parts that were involved in the experiences, along with the feelings or emotions felt at the time of the trauma; and possibly those feeling occurring afterward, and the accompanying memory itself—which may or may not be accessible through speech.

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