Transforming Anger Into Positive Change

Turn Your Anger Into Something Positive

Turn Your Anger Into Something Positive

Affirmations for Transforming Anger and Frustration Into Positive Change

Anger is a gift of insight into my needs, beliefs, and thoughts.

Confrontation means I have an opportunity to bring up an issue for healthy resolution.

Confrontation is the necessary first step in setting a boundary, and asking for positive change.

The purpose of anger is to move me to take necessary action to meet my needs, and change my circumstances, and then move me into resolution through forgiveness and empathy.

By taking appropriate action when I feel angry, I’m increasing my mind and body wellness and personal empowerment.

I recognize that confrontation is necessary in healthy relationships for each person to express their needs and feeling, and constructively ask for change.

I feel comfortable and justified in delivering a well constructed, healthy confrontational message, that takes responsibility for my own feelings, and asks for change in another person’s behavior.

I feel safe in knowing I have the strength and resources to solve any problem I encounter.

Anger may be the feeling that initially gives me the courage and strength, to set boundaries and make positive changes.

Even when angry, I can use my words in ways that will most likely bring about successful resolution.

I control the volume of my voice while I’m angry, to most effectively deliver my message in a way that it’s truly heard.

Anger creates the opportunity for me to gain understanding of my needs and feelings and create positive change in my life.

I am always in control of my thoughts and emotions.

When I feel angry it means an important need has been blocked, or my personal boundaries have been violated, or I’m trying to control someone or something that’s not in my control.

I recognize that other’s needs and feelings are as important to them as mine are to me.

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